It's a Lush Life

The ability to remain sober and gracious is, indeed, a form of mild insanity.


My name is Allison Hudson. Thank you for taking the time to check out my site. I write stuff on my life as an active alcoholic, life in recovery, and everything in between. I live in Charlotte, North Carolina, but grew up in the small southern town of Albemarle, NC. I was raised by two parents who loved each other and loved their four children. In 2002, I graduated from The College of Charleston. Afterwards, I lived and worked in Charleston, Boston and San Francisco before moving back to Charlotte to be closer to my family. I have an older brother and a younger sister, My younger brother, Will, died on April 22, 2012 from an overdose.

I started this blog, It’s a Lush Life, as part of a living amends to Will.  Six weeks after his death, I checked into a 28-day treatment facility for alcoholism and have been sober since June 11, 2012.I write honestly and openly about my struggles with alcoholism, life in recovery, dealing with the untimely death of my brother and finding faith through it all. Today, I considers myself grateful to be an recovering alcoholic and hope to spread awareness, evoke compassion, and inspire those still struggling and suffering from alcoholism/addiction.

Allison provides fresh takes as one of Huffington Post's feature bloggers, and a regular contributor to The AfterPartyChat  and SoberInfo as a voice on addiction & recovery. 

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